Adi Goldstein

Composer & Music Producer

Adi Goldstein- Composer & Music Producer


Stepping Stones:

Goldstein is the fourth generation in a family of musicians, The piano seemed a natural path from which to start his passion for music. From an early age Goldstein ventured into the realms of jazz music while seeping classical influences from his mother, a pianist in her own right. From the age of seven he studied with Gadi Goldman, one of his mother’s students. He continued his musical education by studying  composition under the guidance of Opher Brayer.

Goldstein’s first ensemble experience came at the age of 17 when he joined Assaf Sirkis’s Trio “The Inner Noise”. As a versatile musician, Adi played with a number of Jazz, Latin and World Music bands in the Israeli music scene.

The Popular Path:

In 2001 Goldstein collaborated with producer Eyal Katzav and arranged Yermi Kaplan’s “Lost Time” release which introduced Goldstein to the Israeli commercial music scene. Impressed with Goldstein while attending one of his gigs, producer Luis Lahav brought Goldstein to Rita’s “2003 – Live” tour.This led to further collaborations with Rami Kleinstein, Guy Bocati with whom he arranged Arik Einshtein’s “All that’s Good in the World” and Avraham Tal .

As permanent member of Ivri Lider’s band since 2007, their professional relationship has extended into different projects, together producing Rita’s album and live show “Clues”.
He has since worked extensively with Israel’s leading artists contributing his skills as producer, arranger, programmer and keyboard player/pianist. Goldstein is also a current member of the Israeli “Kochav Nolad” (Israeli Idol) band.

In 2010 Goldstein collaborated with Avraham Tal, Scoring the music for the critically acclaimed Israeli TV series “POW”,which was later adapted to “Homeland” featured in Americas “Showtime” Channel.

2011 saw the release of the international dance show “The Aluminium Show”, which music was written, produced and arranged by Goldstein and Lider .

In 2011 Goldstein has started working with Udi Harpaz & Ron Klein on a soundtrack for a Action Movie Trailers.

in 2012 Goldstein starting his own Library Stock Music called 'AGsoundtrax' and starts licensing music for films, commercials and new-media.

in 2013 Goldstein starting to developing web apps as the 'Tags Generator' which helps socials marketers to build generated #hashtags, and also the 'AG Watermark Generator'
Which helps musician to protect their online music by adding an audio watermark files signatures.

in 2014 Goldstein starting to composing demos so music samples libraries such as: SOUNDIRON, CINEMATIQUE-INSTRUMENTS, VIR2, Sampleism  and many more
aslo playing in the house band of the Israeli Reality show called  "The Rising Start".

in 2015 Goldstein start playing on stage with "Muki' from SHABAK Music.

in 2016 Barack Obama & Hillery Clinton licensing Goldstein Music,

in 2017 Goldstein founded "Sampleso-Boutique Samples Library' - Company that creates music samples for Kontakt Native-Instruments.

in 2018 Goldstein scores the new movie 'Tattoo Girls' By Miguel Gaudêncio.

Goldstein is currently working on various projects both live and in the studio for commercials, Tv, Films & New Media.


Creative & Skills:

Creative :

As an accomplished composer, Goldstein blends melodic ideas and genres.From the simplistic approach of folk music to the complex and rich harmonies of jazz and classical music.
His music has been used in numerous commercials and trailers, and he  has scored music for both the stage and TV/Film.

Skills :

- Composition, production, orchestration, arranging and programming .
- Highly experienced in audio and video post – production.
- Extensive experience  in sound editing and sound design software including Digidesign’s Pro-tools/Steinberg’s Nuendo and Cubase / Apple Logic Pro / Ableton Live and sound syntheses.




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